Perhaps the most interesting way for me to introduce myself is to share some snaps of me, and my significant others. The ruggedly handsome guy above is the LOVE OF MY LIFE – Cammy James. He is the most thoughtful, kind and wickedly funny man.


Ours is an authentically AUSTRALIAN love story – I did see him across a crowded room and YES it was a bar. Like a champion thoroughbred (perhaps one close to the end of its career) I pursued and the rest as they say, is history!


Nine years, two children and one turtle later, we got married in Byron Bay and it was the most HEART WARMING and ROMANTIC day. Having now been a bride I have a new appreciation of what it feels like to be on the other side of the microphone.


The other two gorgeous boys are Hudson Cooper (A.K.A. Huggy) and Flynn Johnathon (A.K.A. Maniac) also known as FAST and FURIOUS. You can tell below who's always that little bit angry. As an ensemble of four, life is always CRAZY but equally FABULOUS!


About Me



I support the right of ANY consenting adult to marry whoever they wish whether this be a heterosexual, gay or lesbian union, and now the law has caught up - I can legally marry you all!


I also support the right of all couples to marry outside of a church. Having a Celebrant like myself officiate means that you can include a little, or  absolutely NO religious content in your ceremony. Having a civil wedding also means you have the freedom to choose a non-religious venue.


Aside from the aforementioned reasons for becoming a Celebrant, I also wanted a role that showcased my personal strengths and was FUN! I have worked as a Radio Presenter (for the ABC) and University Lecturer for many years and subsequently, have had extensive experience writing and delivering content to a wide variety of audiences.


As for the FUN - brides and grooms are bursting with LOVE and EXCITEMENT. Add family, friends, sentimental tunes, and a beautiful backdrop and you can be certain there will be tears, and just as many giggles. Weddings inspire MAGICAL moments and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to share in my couples’ celebrations.




I was registered as a Celebrant in 2009 and to date have officiated over 160 marriage ceremonies, 20 commitment ceremonies and 15 vow renewals. I specialise in wedding services and subsequently, don't perform funeral services or baby-naming ceremonies.