The quickest way to reach me is by mobile – 0410 961 907. I have a day job so it’s likely that I won’t answer during work hours. So leave your details and I ABSOLUTELY will call you back in the evening.



Once we’ve established that I’m able to officiate on the date of your wedding, I’ll ask you a few questions to determine what documentation you will need to bring with you when we meet.


A form of photographic identification (preferably a driver’s licence) is required. If you are an Australian citizen you need to provide your full birth certificate or passport. If you are from overseas you will need to provide your full birth certificate (translated into English if it’s in a foreign language) or passport.


If you have been married before you will need to provide the divorce certificate from your most recent marriage, if you have been down the aisle more than once.



Once you have all of your documentation we can come together and at this time fill out your legal paperwork. By law, your Notice of Intended Marriage form has to be completed no later than one month prior to your wedding date. I have all of the forms so you just need to bring your personal documents (driver's licence, birth certificate and divorce certificate).


At this meeting we’ll also compile your ceremony. I’ll walk you through what a traditional wedding ceremony includes and introduce you to some popular contemporary elements. At the end of our meeting I shall send you an electronic copy of your ceremony outline.


If you need help writing your vows I’ll also send a CHEAT SHEET that will transform you into a WORDSMITH in minutes. I can also send a long list of popular readings if you choose to include these in your ceremony.



A practice rehearsal is key to ensuring that your ceremony will be PERFECT on the day. I try to stage a rehearsal as close as possible to your wedding day and at the same time of your ceremony. This way we know exactly where that MENACING SUN will be shining, and we ensure the MUSIC GUY knows when and which button to press.


You can bring your full posse to the rehearsal or come alone, but Brides and Grooms I need you both! We will walk through the ceremony in full (leaving out the secret bits) and ensure that everyone knows exactly what they have to do on YOUR SPECIAL DAY!